NSD AMIRESTO is developed based on the best business practice and rules

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Easy To Use.

NSD AMIRESTO - POS system is a full Fledge applications for Multi Points of sales, Multi Currencies, Multi Stores, Multi Users

Reducing the spent time to complete transactions

That allows managers and restaurant’s owners to focus more on revenue-generating activities.

Increase accuracy of all operations' steps

(Inventory variations, overstaffing….etc), also helping to support marketing activities.

Improves customer services by speeding sales transactions

Reducing errors, and minimizing out-of-stock-conditions.

Flexible system Grow with your business

From a simple POS to a multiples and complex network of POS and branches, also, it can manage all type of restaurants whatever their size and complexity of their sales operations.

The POS (Cashier) screen Fast and Easy

It is designed to be fast and easy to use. Everything, from suspending sales to creating invoices , is available in this system.

Best Support NSD services & support

NSD provides to its customers best services, support, and expertise which they require to increase efficiency and profitability.

NSD AMIRESTO Integration System Integration and sections

It is necessary to draw your attention that, NSD AMIRESTO is an integrated system including Front Office and Back Office.

These two sections (front and back) can be completed by NSD BCS (Applications System) which is considered as a power full back office, the whole package NSD (AMIRESTO + BCS) will allow you to manage the whole activities of your Point of Sales (restaurants) as well as your business management including:

  • Human Resources.
  • Accounting.
  • Sales and Distribution including CRM.
  • Logistics including Warehouses Management and Inventory.
  • Purchasing .

Hardware Integration

Barcode Scanners


Receipt printers

Mobile Application

NSD AMIRESTO can be integrated with any type of POS hardware, but we recommand to use 1ST POS

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