About NSD

NSD is editor of Integrated Solutions and Services Provider


Software Editor and ERP Provider

NSD is a software engineering company, it’s editor of a wide range of software from simple systems to huge systems (ERP) for business management in both sectors, public and private. NSD AMIRESTO System is a powerful restaurant management system (POS).

In order to allow its clients to control and optimize their business process by taking advantage of latest business practice rules included on NSD Systems, NSD offers to its client excellent products and all related services (design, development, implementation and maintenance…. etc.).

Thus, through its major and complementary activities, Business Consulting and Software Edition and its strong background as well as high qualified people, NSD serves and provides to its clients, best services and best systems.

In order to be active and be involved in the increased efforts to economic growth, companies focus on the latest technology and the latest management rules allowing them to perform and optimize their business processes in order to compete and grow in a dynamic economy where the computing tools and especially a preferment software like NSD systems becomes the key factor of success.